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Flipping Real Estate Basics

Flipping real estate does not have to be as difficult as it is sometimes made out to be. Yet there are some definite guidelines you want to follow to stay out of trouble. Five years ago, buying properties and holding them was a piece of cake. You could throw your money at just about anything and make money from sheer appreciation, but times have changed. There is actually more money to be made now, you just need to drop the conventional mindset and do things a differently.

Flipping is a great little to no risk strategy for creating money faster without using any of your own credit, money or other traditional financing. Since you don't have any of these limitations you can also do as a many as you want making Flipping houses a good cash flow strategy particularly when you have your system set up and working for you.

There are a couple of different ways you can tie up a property to flip. First of all, you can do a standard assignment by writing up a Purchase and Sale Agreement that is assignable, or you can tie up a property using an Option to Purchase Agreement, meaning you just want the option to purchase it.

If you feel you will need more than 60 days to find a buyer (which is a time frame you can usually agree on with a regular purchase agreement) then you can use an option agreement.

By definition an option is the right, but not the obligation to purchase a property. So when you do an option, it works much like a purchase agreement. They can’t sell the property to anyone else and you have the right to buy or assign it during the specified period of time. This would be similar to a lease option except you are just assigning the option agreement to another buyer and collecting an assignment fee that way.

Particularly now, be sure not to get complacent with conventional methods (which also have a lot more built in risk). This will put you in the position to have the best options for profiting from the housing crisis regardless of your circumstances.

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