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Fundamentals to No Money Down Investing

Many people hold the belief that you need money to make money. Though this can be true in certain cases it becomes a huge road block for too many people. When you get that ideology out of your belief system that is when so many more opportunities will start opening up to you.

Infact, people without a lot of personal cash or savings are sometimes better off because they have to approach the real estate investing business differently. They start off on the right foot to making money faster than those that use conventional methods such as a traditional bank loan and/or putting down a large chunk of their own money simply because they have to.

There are a lot of books and programs that talk about doing real estate with "no money down", but it is important to understand what they are talking about here. If someone says nothing down strategies do not work, it just means they do not understand what nothing down means or how to do it.

The term -no money down- does not mean no money is transacted, it just means that someone elses money is transacted. It does not come out of your pocket, bank, or savings account.

For example, when you are starting out and don't have a lot of investment capital, you can target properties you can buy without having to get a loan in your own name. This is one of the reasons our current market is prime for creative investors because you have more motivated sellers that are willing to work with you using creative financing methods so you do not need to get a loan or put up a large down payment. This also allows you to create a win-win situation that will work for you and solves the sellers problems.

Even if you have a lot of money start being creative. Besides, no matter how much money you have, if you keep tying it up in real estate purchases you will eventually run out. This is why you hear some real estate investors are "equity rich" but still "cash poor". They have all these assets on paper but they are still living check to check.

In addition to creative ways of getting money there are many real estate investing strategies that are essentially no money down methods. Some examples are real estate assignments including flipping and real estate wholesaling, Subject to arrangements, and certain lease option strategies.

This will allow you to eliminate the inherent risks of conventional methods and give you the options you need to capitalize on the current housing crisis!

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Matthew Sorensen
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