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Real Estate Investing Persuasion and Negotiation

One of the big factors that is rarely discussed in most real estate training is the importance of effective persuasion, not only for negotiating real estate deals but also gaining trust of potential buyers, sellers and building crucial business relationships.

Napoleon Hill, in studying millionaires and the traits they shared said, “Persuasion is the magic ingredient that will help you to forge ahead in your profession or business – and to achieve happy and lasting personal relationships.

The good news is it’s something you can learn!
This will take time to develop but when you understand that only about 1% of the world’s population knows how to properly persuade and negotiate, it will put you literally years ahead of your competition. Though this is a subject we could go into great depth on now, the last thing I want to do is have your head swimming with so much information it paralyzes you from taking action. We will discuss more on this topic as we cover the information, but even as you are beginning, it is fundamental to understand its importance so you build a strong foundation.

There is a lot of money to be made in real estate. A lot! More millionaires are made through real estate then by any other business vehicle, so is it worth it? Oh definitely; and you’ll agree when you do your first deal that makes you more in weeks than what most people make in a year!

Just approach it properly; develop a solid foundation and game plan. Use your goals and passions to excite and drive you instead of the hype to expect overnight success with little effort. It doesn’t exist and will only discourage you for the real opportunities that are all around you! If you approach real estate with that mindset, you will find your success will actually come with more ease and you will be prepared for any potential roadblocks and blow right past them!

Now that we have discussed what it is going to take to be fundamentally successful and you have established clear meaningful goals and a plan of action, we can move into real estate specifically and how to build your business the most effective way possible.

To your success,
Matthew Sorensen
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