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Recession Proof Real Estate Investing

Worried about the future of the current real estate market? I'm not suprised if you watch much news. But don't worry, that's a good thing and I'll explain why.

It makes sense considering that most people in the media/reporting industry have little or no knowledge about the economy of investing. And the "experts" invited on for interviews tend to lean toward the same negativity that peaks viewer interest and validates the "spin" of the given topic. That's the way the media operates and it's OK, because it just creates more opportunity for you and I. Real estate is cyclical as it always has been. This is the same reason it is extremely important to have an actual proven strategy that works instead of relying on speculation. Sure that worked a few years ago, but if thats all you did, you are most likely losing your shirt now!

Here's some more food for thought: do you know any highly successful investor who is afraid of stagnant or declining property prices? Quite to the contrary, knowledgeable investors understand when markets are flat or down it just filters out new investors and makes people panic which means more opportunity. It actually creates more opportunites faster than any other economic climate.

As I said earlier, real estate is cyclical so you need to plan accordingly. Don't just buy properties, hoping they'll go up in value. Thatís not investing, thatís speculating! The minute you do this, you have given up control of your business since you are entirely dependent on future appreciation of which you have no control. Though this worked in past years, its a whole new ball game we're playing in now. Appreciation is great but we don't depend on it as a primary strategy, especially now.

As with any successful business, you need a solid foundation and sound game plan. In terms of investing in real estate today, creative, risk free strategies give you a lot more flexibility plus allow you more options for profiting in many more situations.

Even when doing rehabs or fixer uppers (which are not typically recommended in down markets) there are still good ways to make a good profit with the right system and proper planning, such as factoring in depreciation and extended selling times. This is why faster, lower risk creative real estate investing strategies are better to use our market conditions today.

If you only take one thing from this article, it is that market conditions should never determine whether or not you make money. Take control of your business and use sound strategies that actually work for your given markets conditions!

To your success,
Matthew Sorensen
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