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Setting Up Your Real Estate Business and Limiting Your Risk

I won’t inundate you with in depth tax law, tangents or all the possible scenarios that could be used (that’s what a tax professional is for). It wouldn’t be that helpful anyway because with so many options, only a small portion applies to most individual cases. That said; one of the most important rules to follow is to never do business in your own name.
Here are some alarming statistics for you:

  • There are over 80,000,000 lawsuits filed every year (That’s about 150 every 60 seconds!)
  • 1 out of 4 people will be sued this year
  • The average number of lawsuits over a person’s lifetime is 5
  • One of these 5 will be devastating
  • 94% of all lawsuits are filed in the United States

If you do nothing, you will be operating your business by default as a sole proprietorship. Understand this means you will have complete personal liability for your business and anything that happens in the business. In fact, as a sole proprietor you will generally pay on average about 45% of your income in taxes and will be 10X more likely to get audited! (Not a smart move if you want a successful business!)

There are other factors to be aware of in the current market. In order to limit your risk, there are steps we will discuss that you can take to avoid putting your personal property at risk and shelter your business from things that “could” happen. This is also important now because of the real estate market we are currently in. There are tremendous opportunities yet with government intervention and legislation attempting to curb foreclosures and disgruntled homeowners fighting banks; you need to be protected from any liabilities that could affect your business. This is something we discuss in more depth in the Creative Real Estate System 2.0.

Especially as you begin to generate substantial profits, you’ll want these in place to limit your risk, reduce your taxes and minimize your liablities.

To your success,
Matthew Sorensen
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