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Getting Started Right in Real Estate Investing

There are a lot of factors that come into play that will determine your success in real estate, or any business for that matter. Circumstances differ from individual to individual, but certain things are universal to those who are most successful and those who stand out from everyone else.

Fortunately, all of them can be learned no matter who you are. It will require some work and effort on your part, but you don’t have to know everything before you can move forward and you can learn as you go.

Now, that is easier said than done, because it’s more than just having the knowledge, you need the motivation, confidence and ability to apply it. So let’s go through some of these principles along with some steps so you can start putting these into application for your circumstances.

What we will discuss now are not even specific to real estate; don’t let that fool you to their significance. That is one of the reasons there are a lot of people who “miss the boat” and get discouraged or only attain mediocre results. One of the most neglected areas that can actually be credited to most of a person’s success has to do with mindset and more specifically having meaningful vivid goals.

Many people don’t understand how important this is until they start hitting some roadblocks. You must have a clear perspective of what you want to accomplish and why? What are your ultimate goals and objectives? What is your driving force? Why do you want to be successful in real estate? We don’t become involved in real estate just because we like to buy or sell houses. It is just a vehicle. How is it a vehicle for you?

It is critical that your goals and aspirations are bigger than your fears. Write them down so they become tangible and attainable. The more specific, and descriptive you are, the better. You need to feel this so it becomes a part of you. You need to know you will achieve your goals; this can’t be just some 'pipe dream'. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is.

Sure, this isn't real estate investing strategy but if you don’t have meaningful vivid goals that can be a driving force for you, when obstacles arise you won’t have the means to follow through whether you like it or not. You will be in an infinitely better position to actually achieve your goals, not just talk about them and think about them, but to actually do them. I’m not saying this to help you feel good about yourself. I’m saying this because this is how it actually works.

Best regards,
Matthew Sorensen
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