More Unsolicited Testimonials

"I’ve spent thousands on courses over the years, and bought yours for the hell of it, and it has the same info i’ve spent years learning from overpriced courses.

I have the utmost respect for what your company has put together."

M Maranell, Minnesota

"I wanted to say, love the solid information. It is far better than those packages you hear being promoted on late night infomercials or in workshops for ‘only’ $1,000 or more."

A Harrison, California

"I have been a student of yours since August 2008 and has been a tremendous asset to me in my full time Real Estate business here in GA"

G Moss, Georgia

"Thank you so much.. the honesty, sincerity and much beyond fairness was a pleasant surprise. We do not see this in most Companys now days.
Thank you so much."

D Clark, Oregon

"You’re a man of many resources, and I am greatful to have you in my corner. I’ll be in touch and just maybe we’ll get to meet face to face one day. I do feel that I recall the name from years past. As I have done some very extensive travel and research on who is who in the business world. Till then, May you Live Long and Prosper."

Highest Regards,
G Dorion, Maine

"I just recently bought your course online for the ridiculously low price ..and it is INCREDIBLE! Extremely thorough, content-rich, and well-organized. I’m blown away!

Thanks for a fabulous resource — I look forward to our continuing relationship."

J Guiness, Massachusetts

"Again wow! I just found out what you are offering and it is over $800.00 less than the package we got last year and already I see you hit on a lot of info denied from us on the other deal.."

R. Cashe, Colorado

"Thank you for this! Your system has helped me generate a lot income since I purchased it back in 2007."

T Coleman, New York City

"Thank you guys so much for taking the time and effort to follow up. I truly appreciate your help and sharing of information. I am already thrilled, and i am only on the first chapter."

B Kwegan, Georgia

"I just wanted to thank you. your service is just as good as your product and I really appreciate it!!!"

Thank You
G Melton, Maryland

"Your course is great. Very concise and straight forward."

T Hall, Florida

"Hey, I just mailed to say THANKS, this is good stuff"

D Gregg, Oregon

"I really love the creative real estate system and it was really helpful to me..I recommended it widely."

J. Massaquoi, Virginia

"Quite honestly I am blown away with with your approach of doing business. Most people don’t know how to walk a straight line and be straightforward and help others achieve their dreams."

O. Lopez, Georgia

"It is worth more than a million dollars!"

P. Jaroon, Missouri

"I wanted to let you know I completed my first deal using your system which made me just over $12,000 using none of my own money or credit. Thanks for all your help."

G. Peters, Utah

"Wow! The information I received is incredible, I’m only on Page 66 of the Main Manual but I am pretty excited over what I’ve learned so far. I believe I can have success in this business"

Yours Sincerely,
T. Daniels, California

"When I first thought about going into this business I wasn’t confident that I could do it. I’m not even finished reading your book and not only am I confident that I can do it, but I’m confident that I can be successful."

W. Edmondson, Texas

"I bought the real estate program from your company and I have to tell you I was impressed the program. It has given me information I needed when I was starting in this business but thank God that I finally got this information."

B. Nagawa, Kansas

"Just a quick note to let you know your course is great. You could charge an awful lot for what you are providing. Using just 2 of the strategies you covered I have netted $84,069 in profits.(24K from real estate wholesaling and 60K from a shortsale) Not bad for 2 months effort!"

J. Simpson, Oregon

"Thanks for all of your advice Matt and once again thank you for creating a wonderful course it’s been helping me out a lot."

J Hiddle, Oklahoma

"The information you provided in your real estate system is excellent! Everything is so clear and to the point it has helped me eliminate some long time fears that have held me back from investing for longer than I will admit. I wish I would have had this information years ago! I could have been capitalizing on this market the whole time!"

M. Clayton, California

"Wow! You thrill me. Thank you so much!"

P Adams, Michigan

"Thank you. I haven’t responded to your previous emails or had a chance to talk with you since first purchasing the creative real estate program. But I’ve found the material very helpful and appreciate the tidbits that you have been passing along as well."

C Farrer, California

"Thank you so much for calling me!! You made me happy and got me excited again..I need and like regular pep talks every now and then.I am a beginner investor and just enjoy talking to people like you about real estate and investing.. A lot of the people I try to get a hold of for any reason usually dont get back to me..usually a voice mail that never gets called back..So its exciting when someone actually calls me back…Thanks"

D Barnett, Texas

"..I’m very excited and thankful to have finally found you!!
Thank you very very much!!…I have tried too many other programs and have overspent more than I can afford and am too ashamed to admit. I really appreciate your help."

T. Perez, Texas

"Thank you your program has already been a blessing to me and a lot of my friends are looking to order. You guys are the best!!"

C. Jones, Mississippi

"Thank you so much!! I am so pleased at this and I appreciate everything!"

T. Coleman, New York

“I have purchased other programs and most are filled with “fluff” and “hype”. I am very impressed with your straight forward approach and how you get to the point on everything. It has also helped me get past some big roadblocks which are no longer even an issue.”

A. Stringham, Maryland

"Thanks! I had not yet seen this information – it is outstanding.."

W. Fout, Illinois

"You have an excellent program. I don’t want to admit it, but I actually invested in a course that cost about $1500. It wasn’t entirely bad, but it left a lot of gaps and was difficult to actually use. You have done a great job of putting this information in a format I can actually apply, and for a ridiculous fraction of the cost! Thanks a million."

R. Blackman, Florida

"Thank you for the very simple-to-read information which I believe will have a big impact on my life."

D. Malunga, Namibia

"We did our first option and it worked out even better than your example! We got $3200 cash upfront, $310 Month cashflow and now we have a buyer that is purchasing it for almost 60K MORE than our option price so we will make about 66K after all is said and done!"

L. Ann, Idaho

"Thank you, this is good stuff!"

J Johnson, New Jersey

"I was very skeptical because the price was so low and because of other programs I’ve purchased in the past that didn’t "deliver", but I gave it a shot and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Your program is very easy to read, to the point, and gives the details and paperwork other programs were missing."

M. Adams, Texas

"Thank you so much for your continued help. I appreciate it very much and am doing my best to learn as much as possible."

C. Kim, New Jersey


I just came off of a 3 day Rich Dad Training Academy for Real Estate.. They of course, want you to continue your advance education by enrolling in some additional courses…the least which is $8990 and up to 65,000 (for everything available from them). Some of the fellow students felt pressured to enrolled. I personally did not.

Well, I came home and began to research on the internet for courses that weren’t nearly as costly (for my education in real estate). I came across your site and I began to investigate it.

To make a long story short, I purchased your program, and I am overwhelmed with the information…why? Because it’s basically the same stuff we heard over the weekend, but without a costly price tag.

Plus, with your course, we get forms, credit repair manual, plus a guarantee! That’s why I said, "WOW!"..

Now I see this as an answer to prayer. Thank you so much for this course and believing in the newbie who is just starting out. "

R. Escobar, Michigan

"Thank you so very much! This information is very useful! Keep it coming! Thanks again"

C. Woods, Arkansas

"Finally one Real Estate course that I understood and could follow, I am using it as my reference book. Thanks"

M. Assar, California

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